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Stephen M. Cohen has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1981 and the New Mexico Bar since 2000. He became a Florida Supreme Court Certified County and Circuit Court Mediator in 2002 and a Florida Qualified Arbitrator in 2021.

He served as Member/Chair of the 15th Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee “B” (2001-2004), and was a County Court Judge for Palm Beach County (1992-1999).

Stephen has numerous writing credits and professional credentials including: Author, Electronic Data and Discover: Nightmare or Opportunity?, The Florida Bar Journal, February 2002, and Author and Presenter: An Analysis of The May 1990 Draft Soviet Emigration Law: The Political Implications of the Introduction of the Rule of Law to the Soviet Union, International Helsinki Federation Meeting, Vilnius, Lithuania, September 1991, Faculty Member, Conference of County Court Judges (1995 –1999) “New Developments in DWLS Law”, Winter 1998 Meeting “Misdemeanor Sex Crimes”, Summer 1995 Meeting Chairman, Soviet Jewry Legal Advocacy Center (1990- 1992), Delegate (registered with the Delegation of the United States) to C.S.C.L. meetings of the Helsinki Commission, Moscow, September 1991, Paris 1990, Copenhagen 1989 The Role of Non-Governmental Delegates To CSCE Conferences, Moscow, October 1989, The· Effects of Media Jewish Emigration from the Soviet Union, hosted by The International Foundation for The Preservation of Humanity, Andrei Sakharov, Chairman, Moscow, May 1989, Contributor to the drafting of revised Soviet, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian (Constitutional) Laws on Emigration (1988-1991), Guest speaker, “The Recognition of Human Rights In A Modern Soviet Society,” Leningrad Soviet (city government), June 1990, Founding Program Attorney, Guardian Ad Litem Program of Palm Beach County (1984-1986), and Faculty Member, National Conference of Court Appointed Special Advocates Seattle, April 1985.

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